Fixed Fee Probate for Deaths Overseas

Article by Tony Crocker Dealing with probate when a loved one dies is a difficult task to cope with, at a time when you are grieving. If the death occurred overseas, or they owned property or investments abroad, it can be even more difficult. This is where a fixed fee probate service may come in […]

Grim Fandango Remastered Walkthrough – Finding a Lawyer

Manny needs to find a lawyer in order to help his bee friend and get tools for Glottis. For a full walkthrough of Grim Fandango, head over to the wiki. Video Rating: 5 / 5 In this video Kiley talks about the various ways people can find a lawyer to help them, including: Community Legal […]

Estate Planning 101 from Elder Law Attorney Sean W. Scott

What happens to all your stuff when you die? Where does your money go, how does it get there and who is in charge of carrying out your wishes? Elder law atto… The Door County Land Trust sponsors a presentation by Grace Rossman, of Thrivent Financial, and Dick Hauser, of Pinkert Law Firm, on the […]

Finding A Lawyer in Minneapolis

Article by Peter Donaldson Finding A Lawyer in Minneapolis A joke goes saying that people are extremely scared of the medical practitioners and the lawyers and yet, almost everyone has to take on with these two professionals. True for some, while others are yet to face the situation, there are several circumstances in life that […]

Estate Planning 101 Part 1

Do you have a Will, Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney or Trust? If you answered no or don’t think you need it, THINK AGAIN. Watch this video of Estate Pla…

Elder Law: Nursing Home Agreements

Did you know that the cost of a nursing home in New York is now averaging approximately $ 100,000 annually? While the care of your loved one is certainly first and foremost, lets take a moment to address another of the aspects involved that of the nursing home agreement. ——————— Did you know that the […]